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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in the EKU Marching Colonels. Students often have many questions regarding participation in band at the collegiate level. We hope this page will answer most of the questions you may have about our program. Should you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Timothy Wiggins, Director of Athletic Bands.

Why join the Marching Colonels? ♦ Will I have time for marching band? What does the performance schedule look like? ♦ Do I have to be a music major? ♦ Do I have to audition?How much does it cost? What does the band provide? ♦ How do I join? ♦ When do we move in for band camp? ♦

 Why join the Marching Colonels?

The truth is, college marching band is an exciting experience very different from high school, and your first semester will prove it! The Marching Colonels offers EKU students a social experience unlike any other on campus, and finding life-long friends is just the beginning. Unlike the high school experience, the Marching Colonels perform several shows each season, we do it in half the rehearsal time, and you get paid!

And what about college life? The Marching Colonels are at the center of football game day activities and enjoy loyal support from Colonel fans at every home game. If you aren't sure, try it your first semester here and find out what you are missing.

Need more reasons? 

Student's top 10 reasons to join the Marching Colonels . . .

10.  The Traditions! From "Heartbreaker" and "Hey Baby!," to "Hail, Hail, Eastern Maroons," the Marching Colonels represent one of the oldest and time honored traditions and groups on campus!

9. Half the rehearsals, Twice the FUN!

8. Beat the rush, EARLY DORM MOVE-IN!

7. Pregame Tailgate Performances!

6. Watch football, and get paid!!

5. Great music, Great shows! (James Bond, Justin Timberlake, Homecoming, I Love the 80s, and so many more...)

4. Crazy Colonel Spirit!

3. No fundraising, EVER!

2. 100+ new friends, INSTANTLY!

And the #1 reason to join the Marching Colonels . . .

1. One word: Byawww!  (you'll have to join to understand)

As a college student, will I have time for marching band?

The short answer is YES! The Marching Colonels rehearse much less than most high schools. Other than our warm-up and run-through on football game days, there are no additional rehearsals. You will have more than enough time for other activities and academics. Marching Colonel members traditionally rank very high in every academic discipline. 

What does the 2018 home game and performance schedule look like? 

We perform at all home games, a few other on campus events and rallies, and travel as requested by the University. Our basic 2018 performance schedules is as follows: 

8|30|18 - Morehead State University (7:00pm)

9|22|18 - Southeast Missouri State University 

10|6|18 - Jacksonville State University

10|20|18 - Murray State University (homecoming)

10|27|18 - Eastern Illinois University

11|10|18 - Robert Morris University

11|24|18 - NCAA FCS Playoffs Begin (Tentative)

12|4|18 - Marching Colonels Banquet: Keen Johnson (evening)

Do I have to be a music major to be in the band?

No! The Marching Colonels is open to any EKU student in good standing, regardless of major. We encourage all enthusiastic student musicians to enroll in MUS 256 (10237), regardless of their academic choice.

Do I have to audition to be in the Marching Colonels?

No! There is no audition for the marching band.  If you have participated in band in high school, you are eligible and encouraged to participate in the Marching Colonels. There are placement auditions for the drumline that are done at the beginning of band camp. Please see the bottom of this page for excerpts.

How much does it cost to be a member of the Marching Colonels?

There are no costs to be a Marching Colonel, except for your providing smaller instruments and reeds. All members earn a $500 scholarship.

What does the band pay for that I don't have to?

  1. Official Marching Colonels t-shirt
  2. Official Marching Colonels baseball cap 
  3. Uniform (color guard, winds, and percussion)
  4. Food and drinks at every game
  5. ALL travel expenses. Students are only responsible for spending money when traveling with the band. That includes post-season travel!

How do I join?

  1. Enroll in MUS 256, (CRN 10237) (you may need to speak with your advisor during summer orientation). The course meets on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 3:45 to 5:45pm during the fall semester.
  2. Complete the Member Information Form.
  3. Continue to check the website for updates and make sure to check your EKU email address often.

And you’re in … we’ll see you in the fall! 

When do we move in to the dorm?

Marching Colonel students move into the dorms early for free. These dates are TBA for 2018, stay tuned!

Have more questions?

Email Dr. Wiggins, Director of Athletic Bands. 

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